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We are now offering COVID-19 vaccines. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment.


 About the COVID-19 vaccines

 ● Currently, two types of vaccines are available: mRNA (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna)
vaccine and viral vector (Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen) vaccine.
● Two weeks after your last dose, you will be protected against serious illness caused by
● Ages 12+ are now eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine


Vaccine side effects

● Minor side effects are normal signs that your body is building protection.
● Common side effects may include pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache,
muscle, and joint pain, or chills and fever.
● The vaccine does not contain the virus so it cannot give you COVID-19.

Burgaw Medical Center and Hampstead Family Medicine will be closed Friday, July 2nd in observation of Independence Day and will reopen on Monday, July 5th.

Have a safe and happy July 4th!


  • Find your local health department or hospital. NCDHHS will be launching a website on January 6th on YourSpotYourShot.nc.gov that will include contact information for local health departments and hospitals giving vaccinations in your area. You can search by county or organization name to find contact information (phone number, website, or email address).
  • You can also call the COVID-19 Line 1-877-490-6642. It’s a free call. The COVID-19 Line is managed by Community Care of North Carolina.

You can now pay online.

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We now have flu vaccines in! Call your office for more information.

Burgaw: 910-259-3377

Hampstead: 910-803-0340

  • For all in-office visits, please call the office upon arrival so that staff knows you are there and ready to be triaged before entering the facility. 
  • Patients and visitors who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or who have had contact exposure to immediately notify facility personnel via telephone for instructions on accessing care. 
  • To maintain physical distancing within our facility, we require that patients sit at least six feet or more apart. Patients should be asked to wait in their car if that option is not available. 
  • We are evaluating patients on a case-by-case basis. If presenting symptoms and/or contacts are suspicious, and it is determined that the patient must be seen, we have the patient call prior to their arrival to make preparation for accommodation. We conduct the patient evaluation outside of the facility at a designated triage location which is the parking lot. 
  • For individuals upon entering our facility, we instruct them to put on a face mask, utilize tissues, practice good hand hygiene, and dispose properly of any contaminated protective equipment/tissues in a designated waste receptacle. 
  • We are following Standard Precautions and Transmission-Based Precautions, including gloves, gowns, protective eyewear, and NIOSH-certified N95 respirators. 
  • Physicians determine which patients require testing based on presenting symptoms, history, contact exposure, and community transmission of disease. 
  • Once the patient exits the room, we conduct surface disinfection while staff continues to wear PPE. 
  • Please remember to access information about the virus through reputable sources such as the CDC, not social media.

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Now Offering Flu Vaccines

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Hampstead Family Medicine & Burgaw Medical Center

Hampstead Family Medicine and Burgaw Medical Center offer friendly, family-oriented care to patients of all ages in both Hampstead and Burgaw, North Carolina. Mostafa Rezk, DO, and his staff treat each patient like family, providing both urgent and preventive care to help patients achieve optimal wellness at both office locations.

At Hampstead Family Medicine and Burgaw Medical Center, patients can receive annual physicals, immunizations, women's health care services, weight management programs, and more. Dr. Rezk is an osteopathic specialist and uses his training to provide his patients with holistic health care services that treat both the body and mind.

Dr. Rezk works with several medical assistants and a phlebotomist. This compassionate team works together to offer patients comprehensive and consistent care at both clinic locations.

The providers at Hampstead Family Medicine and Burgaw Medical Center know that illness and injuries can strike without warning, which is why walk-in sick visits are always available so patients can the care they need when they need it most. An on-site laboratory offers added convenience and allows patients to receive phlebotomy services at the office.

Dr. Rezk and his team also provide cosmetic services using the SculpSureⓇ and Icon™ laser systems. These procedures help contour your body, eliminate scars and stretch marks, and rejuvenate your appearance.

For full-service medical care, look no further than Hampstead Family Medicine and Burgaw Medical Center. Dr. Rezk and his friendly team are accepting new patients and welcome the whole family. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

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New Vaccines

  • Newly Offered Vaccines

    We are now offering Pneumovax 23 and Prevnar 13. 

    Please call to schedule your appointment today!

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HAMPSTEAD FAMILY MEDICINE / BURGAW MEDICAL CENTER is no longer accepting personal checks for payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


  • Skin Revilatization 

    Our Icon™ IPL treatment is a quick and easy way to undo the damage caused by the sun including vessels, sun spots and freckles.

    In just a few treatment sessions you’ll have a clear and glowing complexion. Schedule your consultation today!

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  • Now Offering Sculpsure

    SculpSure is a non-invasive laser treatment for the reduction of stubborn fat in areas like the abdomen and flanks.  

    The procedure takes 25 minutes, is minimally painful, and requires no downtime.  

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