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8 Amazing Benefits of The Icon™ Laser

Over the years, you’ve probably noticed changes in your skin, and now you have a long list of skin concerns that you want to address as soon as possible.

Instead of using several types of therapies and treatments, you can opt for a novel laser technology that addresses a multitude of skin concerns.

Our trained and certified staff at Hampstead Family Medicine and Burgaw Medical Center uses the Icon™ Laser technology because it can deliver several treatment types and is easily customizable to your needs. Read on for eight reasons to consider choosing this technology. 

1. Personalized treatment based on your skin type 

Depending on your skin type, you may require less or more laser energy to achieve your cosmetic goals. The Icon Laser technology takes the guessing out of the equation, as it comes with a melanin reader designed to help providers set the parameters for best results. 

2. Smoother complexion

Creams and topicals that contain collagen can’t penetrate the skin to replenish low levels. The only way you can smooth out your risk is by tricking your body into making more collagen and elastin. 

The Icon Laser technology does just that by penetrating the dermis and triggering a healing response that floods the skin with collagen and elastin.

3. No more stretchmarks 

There are very few people who don’t have stretch marks on their bodies. Weight gain, pregnancy, and even rapid muscle gain can stretch your skin beyond its capacity, leading to tears in the epidermis. 

While stretch marks do diminish in appearance over time, they never truly go away by themselves. The fractional laser technology from Icon Laser can solve this problem within a few sessions by encouraging healing and new cell production in the targeted areas.

4. Gentle anti-aging technology 

The Icon Laser uses a gentle laser technology that stimulates collagen production without removing the outer layer of your skin. This means less downtime and a reduced risk for scarring, redness, and irritation, which can occur with more aggressive laser treatments aimed at boosting collagen and erasing wrinkles.

5. Painless leg vein reduction

Do spider veins on your legs make you feel uncomfortable when wearing shorts? The Icon Laser technology instantly constricts and destroys them without causing any pain. Your skin may get warm, but you won’t feel any burning because the device also comes with a built-in cooling system.

6. Semi-permanent hair removal 

Shaving, waxing, plucking, and other hair removal methods are time-consuming, and they often leave you with sensitive and irritated skin.

However, the Icon Laser uses light energy to destroy the hair follicles and prevent them from growing back. Laser technology isn’t a permanent hair removal method, but after the hair is removed, most patients only need a few sessions twice a year to keep their skin hair-free.

7. Little to no downtime 

All treatments are done on an outpatient basis and usually last up to 30 minutes. Most of our patients can go right back to their daily activities. As long as you stay out of the sun or use sunblock, you don’t have to take off any days from work.

8. Save time and money

The Icon Laser technology saves you time in two ways: you don’t need any downtime to recover and you can have several treatments done at the same time. Fewer appointments also means less money spent on gas or on public transportation.

Ask us what the Icon Laser technology can do for you

The Icon Laser technology comes with many uses, and chances are that you may benefit from it. Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about the Icon Laser technology and find out if it’s right for you. 

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