April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol Awareness Month Ribbon

Alcohol Awareness Month


“How much should I drink?"

It’s a question many ask, but what’s the right answer? The quick and dirty: everyone is different. Certain conditions prohibit folks from having any alcohol whatsoever, such as liver disease or cirrhosis of the liver. Even certain medications you take make alcohol of any amount unsafe, like blood thinners or sedatives. If you’re taking any prescription medications, be sure to check with your healthcare provider to determine if there would be any cross-reactivity. Special considerations aside, here are definitions for high-risk drinking:


What does high-risk drinking mean?

It’s no secret that alcohol is a drug, with serious effects on the body. The longer you use it, and the more you consume it, the higher risk it’ll have negative effects, such as:


So… can I drink?

       Once again, everyone is different. Special conditions aside, light alcohol use in moderation can be safe. If you have concerns regarding alcohol, or whether your health conditions may put you at higher risk for negative effects, be sure to have a discussion with your healthcare provider.


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