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Submental SculpSure


What is Submental SculpSure?

             Utilizing the same methods as discussed in our previous post about SculpSure (also known as Warm Sculpting), this treatment uses targeted laser therapy to non-invasively break up fat cells. More specifically, the submental treatment targets under the chin, above the front of the neck. This is a common area to have undesired excess fat tissue, that many face difficulty getting rid of.                                                                                                                         


How is this different than the other uses for SculpSure?

             It’s still the same device, using the same laser therapy, but it fits into a special frame, that fastens around your head and chin, similar to a helmet. For enhanced eye protection, since the laser is directed closer to your face in the setting of this treatment, we provide protective eyewear to eliminate the potential for any stray laser beams entering the eye. It can be somewhat uncomfortable at first, but each treatment is still only 25 minutes, and those who receive the treatment say it is tolerable.


What kind of results can be expected?

             SculpSure targets the fat cells, also known as adipose tissue, particularly under the chin for the submental treatment. This helps to reduce the effect many describe as the “double-chin.” It doesn’t necessarily treat excess skin, or have approval to resolve skin laxity. However, in the process of eliminating the fat tissue beneath the skin, the laser also has some effect on the skin’s collagen fibers, which enhances its elasticity. Therefore, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect some improvement to skin’s tension after at treatment, though this is not its primary purpose. It’s important to keep this in mind so that everyone has reasonable expectations before following through with the treatment.


How to prepare for a treatment?

             Like any other SculpSure treatment, proper contact between the laser and the skin is vital to achieving optimal results and minimizing any discomfort. To ensure this, be sure to trim any hair that may be in that area. Also, try to avoid applying any oils or other slick substances to the skin. Besides having appropriate contact with the laser, it’s also important to have reasonable expectations, as stated earlier, and to mentally prepare yourself to persevere through the potentially less than comfortable 25-minute treatment session.


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