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Clear away those unsightly scars

Scar Removal with Icon from Cynosure


What is scar removal?

Many of us have scars from old injuries or surgeries, and there’s nothing medically wrong with them. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating for some of us. They can be displeasing to the eye, and their texture can be rough and bothersome. So it’s no wonder why some folks would pursue the option of getting their scars removed. Stimulating the skin to produce new collagen can cause the tough, fibrous scar tissue to slough off.


How is it done?

The concern about scar removal is to stimulate new collagen to reproduce without causing significant enough trauma to the skin that would cause more scar tissue to form. That is why it isn’t ideal to do invasive means of scar removal, such as surgical resection. Instead, Cynosure offers a less invasive option with their Icon laser, utilizing infrared light to stimulate skin cell turnover.


What does it feel like?

Everyone’s sensory interpretation is different, so it’s hard to give an inclusive expectation. Those who have had the treatment describe it as a pin-prick sensation followed by a warmth. The sensation will vary depending on the area of the body receiving the treatment, with areas with thinner tissue likely being more sensitive.


How long does it take?

Depending on the total amount of surface area treated, a session could take anywhere from fifteen minutes to forty-five minutes. Usually at least two treatment sessions are required to achieve optimal results, and it’s recommended to space these sessions apart by a period of approximately six weeks. That means the full benefit of a treatment cycle is expected to be seen after about 12 weeks from the first session. It may sound like a long time, but for those out there dealing with these scars, many can attest to how little time 12 weeks is compared to the amount of time they’ve had the same scar.


Feel free to take a look at our Icon gallery before and after photos!


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