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Don't succumb to the pressures of Hypertension

Hypertension Awareness Month


As we wrap up May, let’s finish the month strong by discussing one of the most common issues affecting people across the globe, which we see very often in the primary care setting.


What is hypertension?

Also known as “high blood pressure,” hypertension is how much force your blood is under as it flows through your vessels. It’s normal and healthy if this pressure fluctuates depending on certain triggers, like exercise. However, when it’s consistently high, especially when there’s no reason for it to be, this could lead to damage all across the body.


Why is it a problem?


High blood pressure by itself very rarely hurts anybody. If only that were the whole truth… The effects of high blood pressure on our organs over time is where there’s a problem. The problem is widespread, affecting your whole body, but here are a few highlights of some vital organs specifically implicated:


What causes hypertension?


There’s a large portion of genetics that play a role in medical conditions, and hypertension is surely no exception. If your parents struggle with high blood pressure, it’s likely you will at some point in your life as well. However, by modifying certain factors in our daily life, we can do a good job of improving it naturally.


These are merely a few examples, and there are so many factors that could affect our blood pressure. So be sure to discuss it with your healthcare provider if you have any questions about how your blood pressure could be effecting your health. The good news is: we see it often in primary care, and there are many options that we can explore together to manage it, and keep our patients as healthy as possible.


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