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Get rid of those unwanted hairs... PERMANENTLY

The Future Hair Removal Is Here


Unwanted hair is a common concern, especially in the warmer months. There’s nothing wrong with body hair, but some folks prefer not to have it, and would feel more comfortable not having to think about dealing with it time and time again.


 Get rid of unwanted hair with LIGHT

You read that right. No wax, no peels, no creams. Cynosure’s Icon laser treatment uses infrared light waves to target each hair follicle, disrupting its growth, and prevent hair from growing.


How long does it take?

The total length of treatment depends on the body area you’re targeting. Larger body areas naturally take longer to treat. But each treatment session can be anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour, depending on how much body surface area is treated.


 How effective is it?

Very. Because the laser targets the pigment within hair follicle itself, it’s one of the more direct and definitive hair removal techniques. It’s not uncommon to require two or three treatments to achieve desired results. This is due to the resilience of certain hair follicles, which may recover from the initial treatment.


How do I prepare for a treatment?


What Does It Feel Like?

Infrared light naturally emits heat. So when the laser fires during a treatment, a very brief, warm sensation is felt. However, the folks at Cynosure combat this issue by utilizing cooling crystals in the laser hand-piece that’s applied to the area. This cools the area, providing a numbing effect prior to each firing of the laser, and a quicker elimination of the heat afterwards.


What’s the recovery like?

While your skin isn’t the target in laser hair removal, it’s surely in the cross-fire. So it’s expected for one’s skin to be a bit pink and feel warm following a treatment. Some describe the sensation afterwards similar to a sunburn, but it typically subsides within the initial 24-48 hours. Be kind to your skin after a treatment by drinking plenty of water, using moisturizing lotion to prevent water-loss during its healing phase, and protect it with sunblock whenever going outdoors.

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